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Star Wars Clue


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Become the protagonist of the galaxy, saving her from a certain misfortune by playing the addictive game Clue: Star Wars edition.¬†Players can choose characters like Luke, Leia, Han or Chewie to discover Vader’s secret plans for the Death Star.

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Product Details

This is a clues game brought to the world of Star Wars. In this game, the period of civil war, and the players managed to infiltrate the Empire's main weapon - the Death Star! Be the first player to know which planet Darth Vader plans to destroy next, in which room the Death Star's plans are hidden and which vehicle is the correct escape route. Maps showing the correct planet, room and vehicle are placed in the mission folder at the beginning of the game - no one sees what it is until the end. The player who correctly determines what is in the folder wins! Star Wars products are manufactured by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Play as Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2 or C-3PO.¬†
  • Save the galaxy from destruction by the Empire.¬†
  • Find Darth Vader's next target
  • Find the secret plans of the Death Star
  • Steal the right car to escape
  • Includes 6 star Wars pawns, 5-piece cardboard playing field (lower level, rear wall, 2 support walls, upper level), mission notepad, die, 6 vehicle tokens, 6 planet tokens, mission folder , 21 evidence cards (red deck), 19-card corridor (black deck) and game guide

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