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Star Wars Darth Vader Quotes Mosaic


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Perpetuate your favorite intergalactic villain in many ways by hanging a mosaic of Darth Vader quotes from Star Wars in your home.¬†This 9 “by 12” piece features a portrait of the sinister Lord Vader, composed entirely of quotes from Darth Vader.

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Product Details

This is an artistic impression. It has a solid background color and is composed entirely of quotes from Darth Vader. The quotes constitute the entire image. Even the very thin lines and what appears to be shaded are very small words. A super cool work of art. This is a cool framed print by pop artist Paul Van Scott. He created rare and unusual pieces of art using poker chips, golf balls, photographs, political badges, hockey pucks, M&M candies and playing cards, to name but a few. Their work is featured on He has been designing and selling mosaics to celebrities, athletes and museums for over 10 years. He created artwork for famous magazine covers, music albums and company logos. Pauls' work was featured on Fox's hit show "GLEE", college books and many news articles from Coast To Coast AM, TMZ, The Rod Serling Foundation, Grand Illusions, Cover Magazine, Thrillist magazine and more. His Hank Williams Jr. bottle cap mosaic can be seen in Matt Damon's 2013 Promised Land. You won't see anything like this ANYWHERE. This is for a true collector. of the artist. It is made of the highest quality professional photo paper that does not fade. We guarantee high quality and authenticity. The uniqueness of this item cannot be understood until you see it in person. See from a very close distance. then at least 10-15 to get the full effect. Surprisingly, the further you go, the more details you see. Paul raised him alone. It will NEVER be mass produced. VERY limited edition !! No more than 25 signed copies of each size will ALWAYS be issued directly by the artist! You will receive a framed print along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. It is also available in 19X13 frameless format. PRIORITY mail delivery!


  • 9 X 12 inches
  • Framed, ready to display
  • Superunique item
  • Comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.¬†
  • Border without border to enlarge the image

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