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  • William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

    William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

    What would Star Wars sound like if it had been written 400 years ago? Don’t be surprised anymore – now you can experience the greatest saga of all time, told in Old English and iambic pentameter of War on the stars of William Shakespeare. A must have for Star Wars and literature fans.

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  • Star Wars Darth Vader ClapperStar Wars Darth Vader Clapper 1

    Star Wars Darth Vader Clapper

    Channel the power of the dark side to light up your home with this Darth Vader rocket from Star Wars. When you clap, Vader says, “The power is strong with that,” and when you clap, he comments, “You underestimate the power of the dark side.”

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  • R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard Projector

    R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard Projector

    Animate your typing routine by giving your configuration an extraordinary touch with this R2-D2 virtual keyboard projector. Instead of designing a tiny holographic Princess Leia, this Bluetooth enabled R2 features a full 68-key QWERTY keyboard.

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  • Animatronic Baby YodaAnimatronic Baby Yoda 1

    Animatronic Baby Yoda

    Make your little Star Wars fans’ dreams come true with this cute little Yoda animatronic. This adorable version of The Child features over 25 combinations of sound and movement that are activated when you touch the top of its little green head.

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  • Stormtrooper Beer

    Stormtrooper Beer

    Cool off and enjoy the stormtrooper style by wetting your whistle with stormtrooper craft beer. Choose between Galactic Pale Ale with hops and citrus fruits or the refreshing Lightspeed Pilsner with herbal and subtle malt tones.

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  • Melted Darth Vader HelmetMelted Darth Vader Helmet 1

    Melted Darth Vader Helmet

    This fused Darth Vader helmet not only looks incredible, it also sets it apart from all the Sith at the convention. It is made by hand in liquid plastic, coated with acrylic paint and can even be used. Perfect for showcase or cosplay.

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  • Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica

    Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica

    Prepare for any alien threats that come your way as a true intergalactic smuggler using a replica of the Han Solo Blaster props. Created by an experienced fan, it features the sophisticated level of detail you would expect, plus a quick trigger firing in case you need to fire first.

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  • Star Wars Darth Malgus Costume

    Star Wars Darth Malgus Costume

    Stand out from the crowd of Vader and Stormtrooper at Comic-Con wearing the Star Wars Darth Malgus outfit. It is custom-made to fit your size and is a perfect match for Darth Malgus from the video game The Old Republic.

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