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  • Star Wars Darth Revan Costume

    Star Wars Darth Revan Costume

    This Halloween season, dive into your Dark Side and take to the streets dressed as Darth Revan from Star Wars. This handmade costume includes a detailed mask and flexible fit torso armor – Sensitivity to force sold separately.

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  • Star Wars MistersStar Wars Misters 1

    Star Wars Misters

    Scare your haunted house with the Dark Side using these Star Wars lords. Available on the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper models, they are 6.5 inches high, feature a built-in light and create a scary mist using just tap water.

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  • Star Wars PEZ DispensersStar Wars Pez Dispensers 1

    Star Wars PEZ Dispensers

    Make your fellow collectors green with envy by adding these Star Wars PEZ dispensers to your collection. Straight from the 1990s, this nostalgic ensemble includes Boba Fett, Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda, Chewie, a stormtrooper and a cute little Ewok.

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  • Star Wars Insect PostersStar Wars Insect Posters 1

    Star Wars Insect Posters

    Separate yourself from the rest of the collectors by picking up these Star Wars insect posters. British illustrator Richard Wilkinson created a series of masterpieces in which insects are designed to resemble famous Star Wars characters such as R2-D2.

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  • R2-D2 Keyboard ProjectorR2 D2 Keyboard Projector 1

    R2-D2 Keyboard Projector

    Let your beloved android guide you into the future of typing with the R2-D2 keyboard projector. Once R2 is in place, it can point the laser keyboard at any surface you place it on, allowing you to type almost anywhere and get your work done in record time.

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  • The Star Wars House AirbnbThe Star Wars House Airbnb 1

    The Star Wars House Airbnb

    Make your next Orlando vacation truly extraordinary by staying at the Star Wars House. Each of the 9 rooms on this Airbnb has been carefully decorated to resemble different locations in the Star Wars universe, such as Dagobah, Cloud City and Hoth.

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  • Star Wars Sun Reflector

    Star Wars Sun Reflector

    Jump at the speed of light with this solar reflector for Star Wars vehicles. This incredibly whimsical accordion-style sun spotlight is the perfect way to protect the interior of your Millennium Falcon from small asteroids and relentless ultraviolet rays.

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  • Chewbacca Fur Hoodie

    Chewbacca Fur Hoodie

    You may not be more than 2.10 meters tall, but you can still look like the great Star Wars Chewbacca in this epic fur sweatshirt. A Chewbacca fur sweatshirt with a thick insulating lining ensures that you will never have to cut a tauntown to survive the cold nights.

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