Star Wars Gifts

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  • Lightsaber Pool Noodles

    Lightsaber Pool Noodles

    Turn a day on the water into an intergalactic battle for the galaxy’s fate with this lightsaber pool noodle.┬áThey are available in a modern blue, green or red blade and feature a specially designed lightsaber handle.

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  • R2-D2 Pinball/Coffee TableR2 D2 Pinballcoffee Table 1

    R2-D2 Pinball/Coffee Table

    When looking for the perfect piece of furniture for the home, you need the R2-D2 magazine / pinball. This unique piece has an unusual design that comes with an authentic Star Wars pinball game board housed in the Android R2 body.

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  • Death Star Soccer Ball

    Death Star Soccer Ball

    Defeat the scum rebels in a penalty shootout with the Estrela da Morte soccer ball. Thanks to the creative design of the Death Star on this fun soccer ball, every time you lift the ball in the air, it creates the illusion that the formidable Death Star is going straight for your opponent.

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  • Star Wars MonopolyStar Wars Monopoly 1

    Star Wars Monopoly

    Find out what bankruptcy looks like in a galaxy far, far away in the thrilling Monopoly game from Star Wars. The works are done in the style of the iconic characters in films from all six parts with settlements and cities, rather than classic houses and hotels.

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  • Crossguard LightsaberCrossguard Lightsaber 1

    Crossguard Lightsaber

    Attack fear in the hearts of the scum of the rebels with this cross lightsaber.┬áIt has two small side blades that are perfect for protecting your hands during combat and has an intricate handle that makes it a collector’s item worthy of any fan.

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  • New York Times Chronicles Of Star WarsNew York Times Chronicles Of Star Wars 1

    New York Times Chronicles Of Star Wars

    Follow the published story of one of the film’s most iconic franchises as you read the Star Wars Chronicles of the New York Times.┬áThis collection contains all the important articles, graphics, photographs, obituaries and backstage exclusives published in The Times.

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  • Star Wars Light Up Lawn Ornaments

    Star Wars Light Up Lawn Ornaments

    Light up your backyard this holiday season with the true saviors of this galaxy – Star Wars is shining on the lawn decor.┬áThese festive decorations feature shiny versions of all of your favorite Star Wars characters, each wearing their own Christmas outfit.

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  • Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

    Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

    Use the Force to look more trendy than ever, accessories for your lightweight Star Wars wall earrings. Each earring is made of a small colored Lego piece that gives the illusion that you have two small lightsabers dangling from your ears.

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