Star Wars Gifts

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  • Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica

    Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica

    Prepare for any alien threats that come your way as a true intergalactic smuggler using a replica of the Han Solo Blaster props. Created by an experienced fan, it features the sophisticated level of detail you would expect, plus a quick trigger firing in case you need to fire first.

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  • Jedi Bath Robes

    Jedi Bath Robes

    Nobody likes smelly Jedi, so stay clean and dry off after a good cleansing bath with these Jedi robes. These are officially licensed Star Wars bathrobes that can fit anyone – even Jabba himself can fit one of them.

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  • Star Wars AT-AT Desk Organizer

    Star Wars AT-AT Desk Organizer

    Dress up like a loyal empire by storing your belongings in this Star Wars AT-AT desktop organizer. It is just over 25 centimeters high, with several storage compartments and tow hooks on the legs for you to wrap the cable.

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  • Star Wars Insect PostersStar Wars Insect Posters 1

    Star Wars Insect Posters

    Separate yourself from the rest of the collectors by picking up these Star Wars insect posters. British illustrator Richard Wilkinson created a series of masterpieces in which insects are designed to resemble famous Star Wars characters such as R2-D2.

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  • Death Star Ice CubesDeath Star Ice Cubes 1

    Death Star Ice Cubes

    The power of the imperials has never been more intimidating than now, thanks to these ice cube molds from the Death Star. The ice cube shape of the Death Star, reminiscent of the famous Star Wars space station, will always emerge from minidestructors of perfectly shaped planets.

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  • Star Wars Trilogy ArcadeStar Wars Trilogy Arcade 1

    Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

    Update your game room by adding an arcade game from the Star Wars trilogy to your collection. This retro arcade game measures 20 ″ D x 18.75 ″ W x 60.8 ″ H and comes with 3 different games – Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

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  • Star Wars AT-AT Lawn Ornament

    Star Wars AT-AT Lawn Ornament

    Celebrate the Battle of Hoth as a true Star Wars fan with the AT-AT lawn decor. The snow-white facade of the ornament representing a fallen AT-AT fits perfectly in winter and withstands any weather condition.

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  • Star Wars Lightsaber Napkin Rings

    Star Wars Lightsaber Napkin Rings

    Make your young Padawan’s science fiction birthday unforgettable with these lightsaber napkin rings. By downloading a simple PDF file, you can print your own disposable lightsaber rings.

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