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Steak Aging Sauce


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Transform a supermarket-quality piece of meat into a five-star canned delicacy in this steak aging sauce. Just one tablespoon per pound before grilling is all you need to make your steak taste like a seasoned cut straight from an elite steakhouse.

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Product Details

Add this revolutionary marinade to your next sous vide steak to give it the taste of an expensive aged sirloin from an elite steakhouse - all without the cost or the wait. This sauce, with a high concentration of glutamic acid, gives a pungent umami flavor and leaves sugar on top of the steak for better browning. Click here to view the Sansaire Sous Video Guide. Do people love their sanctifiers? They do. Click here to read four reasons.


  • The Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce gives any steak a complex dry-ripening flavor. 
  • Just add one tablespoon of steak aging sauce per pound of meat before sous vide, and your steak will look like the expensive aged cuts normally reserved for sophisticated steakhouses. 
  • The natural sugar in the sauce will also contribute to a rich, golden crust when you fry the steak. 
  • Each bottle is 16 pounds. beef. 
  • There is no need to marinate beforehand. Just season and start cooking! 

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