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Steel War Hammer


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Use the steel war hammer to drill and blow up anything that gets in your way. Forged in 5150 steel and with differential heat treatment for maximum destructive power, it has an extra long wooden handle for maximum strength.

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Product Details

The war hammer was perhaps the perfect weapon to use against a steel-clad knight! The heavy hammerhead could smash the toughest set of plates with just a few strokes, and the rear end could open that armor like a can opener! The modern interpretation of the Cold Steel war hammer, which has already proved its popularity among historical European martial artists and reenacters, is very maneuverable and can be used with one or two hands. The head is forged from 1055 carbon steel and subjected to differential heat treatment. The spike tip and hammer surface are fully hardened, so that they can drill and crush hard materials, while the rest of the hammer is forged to be softer to absorb the blows of heavy blows. The War Hammer handle is made of straight-grain American walnut and covered with a pair of sturdy steel lancets.


  • Head width: 7 3/8 inches. 
  • Handle: walnut with straight grains and tongues. 
  • Total length: 30 inches. 
  • Steel: 1055 suspended forged carbon
  • Hammer head: 1 1/2 "x 1 1/2"
  • Type: hammer
  • Forged 5150 steel head
  • Handle: straight grain walnut with lancets

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