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Sticker Toilet Plunger


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Unclogging your bathroom is easier than ever with this bathroom sticker. Instead of plunging the plunger into water filled with feces, simply place the patch on the toilet and flush to form an air bubble, then press the bubble to unclog the toilet.

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Product Details

Type of material: Low density polyethylene Product description Made in Korea PongTu PongTu Disposable toilet sticker 2 sets Hygienic strength WITHOUT DIRT How to use the bidet after separating the bidet, using PongTu Removing water, cleaning and using It is effective


  • Plunger for disposable PongTu bathroom adhesives, 2 sheets
  • Size: 370 mm x 450 mm (check the size before buying).¬†
  • This is a single sheet.¬†
  • I have no damage in the folds of the product or portable storage is also very good.¬†
  • No need to wash after heavy use!¬†
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