Stinger Whip Emergency Car Tool


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The Stinger Whip automotive emergency tool must be in each driver’s glove compartment.¬†It comes with a sharp knife for your belt, as well as an 18-inch steel cable, a hardened steel hammer for breaking windows, and an ergonomic handle so you can use it with confidence.

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  • BREAKING AND PERSPECTIVE: When there is no place to swim with your hand to use the hammer, the spring-loaded window hammer works lightly and quickly to give you the best chance of escaping the car.¬†Stinger only breaks tempered glass.¬†It is not designed to break the windshield or laminated glass.¬†An indispensable rescue tool in emergencies can make a huge difference between life and death and should be on every car.¬†A perfect gift for all occasions.¬†
  • Practical, sturdy design.¬†The hammer head is made of hardened carbon steel, which allows you to quickly break the car door window.¬†This helps to avoid falling into a car trap.¬†It is compact, lightweight, proven to work and easily fits in the glove compartment or in the door pocket.¬†It was designed to help you get out of a wrecked, overturned, destroyed or burning car.¬†
  • RAZOR SEAT BELT CUTTER: The emergency safety escape tool comes with a sharp blade to help you cut your seat belt if you find that you cannot loosen it normally.¬†It easily cuts the seat belts, releasing the driver and passengers trapped.¬†Increases the survival rate.¬†
  • NEW EROGONOMIC APPEARANCE: Ztylus Innovation has redesigned this emergency automotive hammer to give it a distinctive look.¬†Special rubber wrap, non-slip handle and non-slip design.¬†
  • Only for emergencies.¬†This product is not intended to be used as a blunt weapon.¬†
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