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Stripper Garden Gnome


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Give your lawn decor a reason to smile by placing this voluptuous garden gnome stripper on the main stage of your quirky backyard. Made of waterproof resin, this curvy fox is dressed in her most modest outfit while swinging wildly on a pole.

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Product Details

About 11.5 cm tall, molded in solid resin and looks cool! Weatherproof and durable. Designed by us, made by hand and painted by hand. Join it with some of our mischievous gnomes to make your garden really special!


  • ‚úĒ YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO WATCH !: Candy, the pole dancer, wants to shake up what her mother gave her.¬†Watch this seductive girl entertain her male gnome workers and all other lawn decorations of all kinds.¬†
  • ‚úĒ NEIGHBORHOOD MOUTH FELL OUT!: Wait until you see fleshy pieces in this hot gnome stripper.¬†About 11.5 cm tall, molded in solid resin and looks cool!¬†Weatherproof and durable.¬†
  • ‚úĒ YOU MUST RENT TO HER: Garden gnomes do not always care for their lawn and are not always content to entertain garden guests by simply stopping on the lawn and looking cute in pointed red.¬†hat (this is a low-paying job).¬†Candy may seem sloppy, but she is just trying to earn honest money from the rent.¬†Swear.¬†
  • ‚úĒ GIFT & amp;¬†ADDITION TO "SOME" HOUSES & amp;¬†GARDENS: for fans of strip clubs, for the special dancer in your life, or just a gift for those who take their collection of gnomes very seriously!¬†Join her with some of our mischievous gnomes to help make your garden really special!¬†
  • ‚úĒ EYE CANDY: If Candy is not pole dancing, she is rubbing her tomatoes.¬†We think his image of the "next door gnome" really excites the other garden gnomes.¬†(Dollar bills not included!)

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