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Super Mario Playing Cards


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Refill your old boring deck with Super Mario cards. Each deck contains retro 8-bit graphics of Mario and his gang Рeven the numbers and suits are digitized. This is a great gift for an old school gamer who loves card games.

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Product Details

1 x Nintendo Super Mario Dot playing cards. Official Nintendo product. These are standard size playing cards. It has 52 playing cards (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) plus 2 jokers. The cards can be used to play poker or any other card game.


  • Official Nintendo product.¬†
  • These are standard size playing cards.¬†
  • The set contains 52 playing cards (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) plus 2 jokers.¬†The cards can be used to play poker or any other card game.¬†
  • Nintendo Mario Trump
  • Mario and his friends, represented by dots.¬†Characters still loved, new and nostalgic.¬†

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