Super Precision Gyroscope


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Watch your productivity decrease as the ultra-precise gyroscope dazzles with its gravity-defying splendor. The gyroscope is made with the highest precision from a lightweight aluminum structure and is equipped with an electric motor that keeps it moving for up to 7 minutes.

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Product Details

The Super Precision gyroscope was designed and manufactured with the highest precision from the beginning, made of solid brass with a lightweight aluminum frame. Carefully selected miniature stainless steel ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost quietly. The gyroscope operates at up to 12,000 rpm using the supplied electric motor and rechargeable battery. The motor can be attached to the gyroscope with two screws, providing hours of continuous use, or it can be used for a short period of time, allowing experiments to be carried out for approximately 7 minutes. The gyroscope is provided with a variety of accessories that allow for various configurations for scientific, educational or simply fascinating experiments. The gyroscope comes with 2 50 mm stainless steel extension rods, 2 spherical tips and 1 splined end. When screwing, the rods move 100 mm, can be screwed in other positions to create suspensions, etc. There are 7 places in the gyro frame where you can screw the accessories. Electric motor and battery. Batteries are not included.


  • 12,000 rpm
  • High speed, high quality miniature bearings.¬†
  • Electric motor included.¬†
  • Solid brass disc.¬†
  • interchangeable attachments for different experiments