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Swarovski Crystal Yoda


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Give your fashion collection a touch of chic and elegance with this beautiful little Swarovski Yoda crystal. The legendary and powerful Jedi Master is expertly recreated from the brilliant and colorful Swarovski crystal with 291 facets.

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  • Imported
  • LOVELY CRYSTAL.¬†The Swarovski Disney Collection brings a playful, timeless glow to your home.¬†Beautifully decorated with faceted crystals, its simple yet glamorous design will look great on any table, shelf or any corner of your living room.¬†
  • AUTHENTIC SWAROVSKI.¬†It is always advisable to buy genuine products because they come with the product you received for the amount you paid for.¬†This Swarovski crystal figurine has the refined style and craftsmanship you would expect.¬†And since Lijo D√©cor is an authorized Swarovski dealer, they are shipped with a code that you can use to verify their authenticity.¬†You can place the order with the certainty that you will receive an original Swarovski.¬†
  • ELEGANT PRESENT.¬†Show your loved ones and friends how much you value them by giving them a stylish Swarovski product that will last a long time.¬†Famous around the world for its premium faceted crystals, your gift will be commendable and undoubtedly appreciated.¬†A perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, house opening, Christmas and all other occasions.¬†
  • BE CAREFUL WITH CRYSTAL FIGURES.¬†Swarovski jewelry and figurines shine with a magical glow.¬†To keep the crystals shiny and sparkling, clean the product thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth or rub your hands with warm water.¬†Do not immerse crystal products in water.¬†Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth for maximum shine.¬†Avoid contact with aggressive abrasive materials and glass / window cleaners.¬†
  • ARTISTIC START.¬†Inspired by decades of creative collaboration and experience, Swarovski opened its first boutique in the 1980s. The world's admiration for the new brand of jewelry and crystal figurines began.¬†That was how a new tradition was born for collectors around the world.¬†

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