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Swiveling Surge Protector


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The rotating stabilizer helps to save space by allowing furniture to be pushed against the wall without worrying about protruding plugs. The smart design allows it to be easily tilted sideways so that they are parallel to the wall.

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Product Details

Everyone needs a smart way to connect their home electronics, and Globe Electric's compact 6-socket wall adapter and rotating power strip is the answer to your needs! Two 90-degree swivel sides allow you to connect six items and move them so that the sofa, chair or bed can be positioned against the wall. In addition, you can ensure that everything is protected against overvoltage with two indicator lights: a red light comes on when everything is protected against overvoltage and a green light when everything is grounded. This is the case when the red light is good! Ideal for use with your computer, printer, smartphone, tablet, home theater, lamps and more, you will never need another crane again.


  • BUILDING DOCTORS SAVING: The compact swivel design is ideal for indoor use, removes wires in your home and office and keeps your furniture against the wall. 
  • VOLTAGE PROTECTION: Protects up to 2100 joules - for use with larger electronics, such as computers, printers, smartphones and tablets and home theater systems. 
  • DISPLAY INDICATORS: Two indicator lights inform you of the current power status and protection against power surges in progress. 
  • UL Listed with 5 STAR PROTECTION: UL classification with 5 star protection for your electronic security. Total number of points of sale: 6
  • WARRANTY: Comes with a two-year power strip warranty, protecting up to $ 300,000 for connected equipment. 
Product details

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