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T-Rex Bottle Opener


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Marvel at the incredible power of Tyrannosaurus the next time you’re thirsty, opening your drink with a Tyrannosaurus Rex bottle opener.¬†This cast iron tyrannosaurus is about 12 inches tall and its frightening jaws open at a perfect angle to open a cold beer or soda.

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Product Details

This cast-iron Tyrannosaurus Rex bites bottle necks with ease to cool off after extinction. Like no other bottle opener, these monstrous crockery will be the centerpiece of any home bar or the subject of any party. Why use a boring corkscrew when you can have a giant dinosaur in your kitchen ready to sharpen the lids with your cast iron teeth? this tyrannosaurus rips the triceraton caps from his drinks! Perfect gift for thirsty dinosaur lovers.


  • For a noisy treat!¬†
  • A dinosaur made of cast iron
  • rips bottle caps off its mouth.¬†
  • Great for a monstrous centerpiece
  • A topic for conversation at any party

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