Tactical Firearm Mood Ring


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It’s stupid not to fix it, but it helps!¬†The Flare Mini lets you know when the barrel is too hot to touch and when it’s time to handle or store it safely.¬†Stop burning your hands and melt your bag – put on the Flare Mini and be smart!

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Product Details

The thermal technology of the Flare Mini clearly shows when its pipe is too hot to touch or store. How it works: Thermochromic silicone changes color from dark to light when the cylinder becomes unsafe to handle or store. The color will remain bright until the cylinder temperature has dropped to a safe level, after which the FLARE Mini will darken, indicating that the cylinder is now cold enough to be handled or stored.


  • The indicator light helps to protect you, the people around you and your equipment from accidental contact with the hot drum.¬†When the Flare Mini is brilliant, there is no touch!¬†When it returns to darkness, it can be used and safely stored!¬†
  • Precision shot: aim at the rifle at the ideal temperature - reduce the deflection of the bullet using the Mini Flare to indicate when the barrel is getting too hot, which can affect accuracy.¬†
  • Fits 0.675 "- 2" barrels.¬†
  • For temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.¬†
  • The Flare Mini is patented and manufactured in America.¬†