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Tactical Tomahawk


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Enemies won’t stand a chance against you if the tactical hatchet is firmly in your cold hands.¬†With a sharp ax point, steel body and crowbar embedded in the bottom, it is a weapon when you need to get out of a complicated situation.

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The Downrange Tomahawk is a modern version of the ancient weapon of war, specially designed for three hacking missions. The ax head cuts through walls and ropes, and the hammer head is the ideal size for overcoming obstacles such as hinges, knobs and locking devices. The strong lever at the end of the tool can be used with confidence with the cutting handle on the ax head - this allows the user to make the most of the lever during softening. The Desert Tan G-10 scale is coupled to 420HC steel with a KG gun to provide maximum grip, regardless of the environment. Downrange Tomahawk is an indestructible tool of destruction.


  • 3 tools in 1: ax, hammer head, lever.¬†
  • The steel body of the Cerakote 420HC does not bend or break.¬†
  • Desert Tan G-10 composite scales on the handle.¬†
  • The MOLLE-compatible cover can be attached to backpacks, belts or body armor.¬†
  • Do your job on the first try.¬†
  • Made in the USA: ax head with integrated juggling handle.¬†
  • Hammer head and pry bar
  • Desert tan G-10 cable with 420HC steel body
  • Black KG Gune Kote
  • Molle compatible housing
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