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Target Practice Alarm Clock


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Improve your sniper skills with this target shooting alarm clock that will make you a good sniper to turn off your annoying alarm clock effectively. This wireless clock makes waking up in the morning fun again and includes bonus practice modes.

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Product Details

Record or play your favorite music. The Singeek Alarm Clock allows you to record your own music to wake up. You can use whatever you want. Personalize your awakening experience with us. 2 interesting game modes for indoor and outdoor use. This funny alarm clock can not only wake you up in the morning, but also use it as an active lifestyle. It comes with 2 bonus games (reaction tester and precision tester) for indoor shooting, which is great for you or your kids. Special repeat function. Shoot the target once in Normal mode or five times in Hard mode with the pistol for another five minutes of sleep. This watch will help children to get up without any problems. Press and hold the "M" button to turn off the alarm and return to normal mode. The perfect Christmas or New Year gift for children This set comes with an infrared pistol with recoil function and sound effects to add realistic fun when shooting your target clock in the morning, perfect gifts for Christmas or New Year for children. (Br /> Specification size: 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches (20cm x 10cm x 18cm) Battery: WATCH REQUIRES 4 AA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED), 2 AA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) FOR PISTOL


  • 2 game modes - Reaction Tester & amp; Precision tester
  • Pistol deactivated alarm mode - with light settings (1 shot) or strong (5 shots), shoot the target to turn off the alarm. Place the gun next to your bed for easy access in the morning. This really ensures that you wake up! 
  • The creative recording alarm sounds - when the alarm goes to the clock, your recording alarm will sound for three minutes and the target will appear. The pistol shoots the target from the light gun until it hits the target, only to stop touching. 
  • Delay: Shoot the target once in normal mode or five times in hard mode with a pistol for another five minutes of sleep. Press and hold the "M" button to turn off the alarm and return to normal mode. 
  • Time display: Alarm clock with 12 hour AM / PM display. 

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