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Tentsile Hanging Camp Tent


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Elevate your camping vacation with the Tentsile tree tents and camp out in comfort in all soil conditions. These tents offer the comfort of a hammock, the security of a tent, and a whole new way to enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience.

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  • Unique camping option for two: an incomparable night's sleep that combines the best of tent, hammock and ultralight camping. COMFORT for 4 seasons and opportunities for experienced vacationers and beginners with this huge suspended hammock for two. 
  • New for Generation 3, Flite offers a variety of storage options with an internal mesh pouch and under-floor mesh storage for these bulky items. 
  • The Flite Plus comfortably accommodates 2 adults while keeping all of its equipment safe - 485 lb / 220 lift, 2.7 ft / 90 cm high, 43 m² 4 square feet m. 
  • Durable ratchet straps provide ample tension when combined with careful three-point DESIGN, giving you plenty of space to comfortably sleep (or play). The preparation time is about 10 minutes. 
  • Suitable for year-round use with a detachable 5000HH waterproof raincoat, durable 240D nylon / polyester fabric and side raincoat flaps to keep equipment and soil dry - no more damp camps . 
  • Sport: outdoor lifestyle. 
  • Care instructions: Hand wash. 

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