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The Cooling Fan Necktie


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Stay up-to-date for long working days, completing your corporate suite with a cooling fan.¬†Embedded in this elegant and functional tie is a small USB powered fan that can be conveniently controlled with the on / off button.¬†/ Outside.¬†“

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Product Details

The USB cooling tie is equipped with an internal cooling fan to prevent the collar from overheating. By plugging the Tiefs cable into any powered USB port, you can easily cool your body by pulling it down. It's also a great way to show your boss that it's time to rethink your dress code. Simple controls allow on / off and fan speed control.


  • The USB cooling tie has an internal cooling fan to keep it warm around the collar.¬†
  • By connecting the cord to any powered USB port, you can easily get the cooling straight to your body with a simple pull down.¬†
  • This is a great way to show your boss that it's time to revise your dress code.¬†
  • Simple controls allow you to turn the power on / off and adjust the fan speed.¬†

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