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The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


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Improve your posture and comfort throughout the workday with this ergonomic knee chair. The bold and exclusive design reduces stress in the lower back, distributing the weight between the lower legs and the buttocks.

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  • „ÄźBetter seat posture„ÄĎ The ergonomic knee chair was designed to relieve tension in the lower back, distributing body weight between the shins and the buttocks to keep the back straight.¬†Suitable for students, white collars, sedentary or poorly seated people.¬†
  • „ÄźSeat & amp;¬†Knee height adjustment„ÄĎ Adjust the seat height from 19.3 to 22.4 inches, suitable for different table heights.¬†5 knee height adjustments, suitable for people over 3.6 feet tall.¬†The measurement is the actual result.¬†
  • „ÄźConvenient and convenient;¬†Comfort„ÄĎ Thicker backrest, seat and knee support provide maximum comfort for your back (as well as your knees, shins and back!).¬†Silent universal wheels allow you to turn and slide, lock when necessary to stay still.¬†Added padded straps for comfortable lifting and gluing.¬†squats.¬†
  • superior Superior quality„ÄĎ SGS certified hydraulic boom provides strong and stable support.¬†The cushions are made of artificial leather that does not harm the skin and high density foam.¬†Maximum weight: 330 pounds.¬†
  • Max MaxKare knee chair„ÄĎ + 20 ¬į MaxKare ergonomic knee chairs actually support standing lumbar curvature more than sitting in a standard computer chair.¬†We recommend that you get up and exercise a little after sitting for 40 minutes to avoid physical tiredness.¬†

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