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The Gift Box Of Nothing


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Anyway, the perfect gift for anyone who always says “nothing” when you ask what they want. The gift of nothingness is filled with just that, nothing. When they open the box, they will find nothing. A fun and inexpensive way to laugh and cheer up.

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Luxurious empty task box They will be careful what they want. The only thing more frustrating than when someone tells you they don't want anything on their birthday, anniversary or holiday is to wander aimlessly down the halls or on the Internet in search of the perfect gift for them. Put an end to your misery and give them exactly what they want in a fun gift - the Deluxe Box of Nothing. Our Deluxe Box of Nothing is filled to the brim with absolutely everything they've asked for every time. Wrap a fun empty play box with a lid as a sincere and thoughtful gift and watch the fireworks (and lots of laughter). Who deserves a gift box out of nowhere? This is the perfect match for every husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or annoying friend who always says "nothing" when asked what he needs for a special occasion. You will save a lot of time, effort and thought by delivering exactly what they are expecting. This is a new gift and a lesson in life, packaged in a wonderfully sarcastic gift box out of nowhere. The Deluxe Box of Nothing is approximately 5.5 "x 4" in size. The Kraft paper gift box is an incredibly fun prank gift for birthdays, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day and more.


  • PROVE ONCE AND EVERYTHING YOU LISTEN TO: You asked, they replied: "Nothing." Don't risk disturbing them with anything other than your heart's true desire ... Deluxe Box Nothing. 
  • NOTHING MORE THAN THEY COULD DREAM - Each Deluxe Box of Nothing is almost overflowing with an infinite supply. Nothing and nothing goes with everything! 
  • CLEAN HUMOR GAG GIFT FOR ANY AGE OR OCCASION - Anyone and anyone can give and receive a box of nothing Deluxe for any occasion. Both mischievous teenagers and stubborn parents can learn a lesson on how to say what they really want for holidays, birthdays or other gifts. 
  • 100% USELESS GUARANTEE: This fun gift is completely useless, just like asking that special person what they want. 
  • MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 5.5 INCH X 4 INCH - The best thing about Deluxe Nothing is that it is compact enough for socks, but it can contain whatever you want to put in it. Many winnings in a gift box! 

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