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The Golf Ball Cannon


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Tired of hitting a golf ball with your golf club? Send balls into the air in a whole new way, launching them with a golf ball cannon! This black powder cannon features a 1018 steel barrel, brass fittings and an elegant oak carriage.

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Product Details

Get rid of those old balls with our black golf ball powder solution! Carved from a 2.5 inch diameter 1018 round steel bar, the imposing barrel is complemented by an oak carriage with brass fittings. Every detail of this piece is done entirely by hand and is not only great for talking at your office desk, but also a fully functional mortar. We recommend that you use it as a demonstration, but if you loaded 120 grains of FFG powder into it, be sure to use hearing protection too! SPECIFICATIONS Barrel diameter: 2.5 "Hole diameter: 1.7" Hole length: 2.25 "Total weight: ~ 5.3 lbs Fuse hole: 0.125" (1/8 ") Maximum propellant load: 120 grains black powder FFG / 2F DO NOT USE POWDER WITHOUT CLEANING The only substitute that can be used in place of the black powder is something like Pyrodex or Hogdon Triple 7. However, we did not get good results with Pyrodex in the tests, unless we used a patch made from an old T-shirt cut to ensure a comfortable fit ... for the ball in the barrel. It is highly recommended to use a real black powder like Goex. You can order black powder and fuses online at Grafs.

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