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The Height Adjustable TV Pole Mount


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Why limit yourself to making holes in the wall when you can now mount your TV anywhere in the house with the height-adjustable TV stand?¬†It can support any 32 “to 65” TV and easily rotates for the best viewing experience.

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Product Details

Pole MOFO | State-of-the-art TV support system: The MOFO Pole System is a state-of-the-art solution for showing your TV. MOFO's exclusive spring-loaded locking system ensures that the support is securely locked between the floor and the ceiling with a simple turn of the handle. No tools, no measures, no holes! Once installed, the supplied MOFO TV stand can be securely attached to the mast at any time with a simple turn of the clamp! MOFO Pole is a space-saving innovation; it can be expanded from 6'5 "to 12'5" and has a footprint of only 3 "in diameter! As an adaptable product, Mofo allows you to adapt your living space, as the mast can be installed in almost any place with a single effortless step Perfect design for a loft, studio or minimalist apartment MOFO Pole is suitable for corners and curves; exclusive design for your unconventional space MOFO pole is just living, offering you MOFO your space Post length 6.5 - 12.5 feet Post diameter 1.5 "Post base 3" / NOT PERMANENTLY / WITHOUT TOOLS! / Universal floor-to-ceiling mounting accommodates 32-65 '' TVs with VESA up to 600x400mm (VESA includes 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm) Maximum TV mount weight: 30kg / 67lbs This option includes: 1 black monopole 1 universal mount for 32 "-65" LCD / LED TVs 1 11 "glass shelf x 13.5 "and accessories (silver clip and bullet clip) 6 cable management clips The mounting p can be rotated to any height or height support position

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