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The Ice Luge


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Run to the finish line of drunkenness with this ice sled drink. The ice sled mold allows you to easily create your own ice pack to pour alcohol while your fellow alcoholics drink icy nectar from the ice sled.

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Product Details

Luge ... Ice sculpture. Start the fun while putting your favorite drink on the sled. Fill this plastic mold with water and place it in the freezer. In 24 hours you will have an “ice party”. Pour your favorite muscle relaxer on top and take it at the end of the run ... with a glass or mouth! Measures 17 "in length and 14" 4 1/2 "in width. One form included.


  • The party toboggan run is a great conversation. 
  • Strong transparent plastic mold with lime green base. 
  • The form is filled with water, must be frozen for 24 hours before use
  • The shot flows to the top of the cold sled as it descends along the gutters. 
  • Sizes 17 by 14-1 / 2 inches. 

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