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The Intruder Defense System


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Minimize the risk of compromising your company by installing a defense system against intruders. This reasonably priced, independent anti-theft guard is made of durable steel and can be easily installed on any 36-inch wide commercial door.

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Product Details

The Barracuda DSO is designed to lock vertical revolving doors in seconds. Simply position the unit so that the bar on both sides touches the door jamb and the built-in hook holds the handle. Note that the specially designed hook works with all types of handles. To secure the device, simply rotate the handle until it stops.


  • For 36 "wide vertical revolving doors with door stops of up to 5-3 / 4".¬†
  • Quick and easy;¬†installs in seconds.¬†
  • Locks the entry point securely in a blocking situation.¬†
  • An independent device (not permanently connected to the port).¬†Easily transferred to another access point.¬†
  • Robust steel construction and durable powder coating.¬†

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