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The Kotatsu Heated Table


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The Kotatsu heated table is perfect for keeping you delicious and warm when you sit at home on cold days. In addition to being equipped with a built-in heater, the table top can be raised so that you can place a blanket between them to create a cozy little fort.

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Product Details

Power consumption: 300 watts. Power consumption: (slightly) approximately 120 Wh (low) approximately 50 W. Checking the electricity bill (per hour): Strong, 2.6 yen / hour, slightly less than 1.1 yen / hour. Heater model number: MS-301HS. power code: two-position intermediate switch. power cable length: 3m. with Amazon storage box. Kotatsu recommended a compact size for single people. Reversible top plate, allowing you to enjoy two types of environment in one. year to use good things like a table. With two-position intermediate switch. the leg is fixed with a Phillips screw. storage cable with BOX

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