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The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet


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Whether you’re looking to cosplay or add to your fan collection, this Mandalorian wearable electronic helmet is what you’ve been looking for.¬†This faithfully recreated helmet features an adjustable fit and padding for a comfortable fit.

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Product Details

Nobody knows for sure who this well-armed stranger is. The Mandalorian is a battle-weary and silent bounty hunter, formidable in an increasingly dangerous galaxy. Fans can imagine the greatest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with premium Star Wars RPG items. With sophisticated details and decor, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars fans will love. With superb decor, realistic details and fun design, this RPG item is a great addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. With a detachable tactical flashlight and internal welcome lights, fans can imagine what it was like for this bounty hunter to hunt down his targets or protect a mysterious alien being chased by bounty hunters throughout the Empire!


  • MANDALORIAN: His body is protected by beskarsk armor, his face is hidden by a T-mask and his past is shrouded in mystery.¬†
  • PREMIUM ELECTRONIC HELMET: detailed decoration.¬†, design inspired by the series, interior padding and adjustable fit, this helmet is a great addition to any Star Wars collection.¬†
  • ELECTRONIC LIGHT FX: This on-screen reproduction of a Mandalorian helmet features a detachable tactical flashlight, as well as dual red interior lighting that can be activated when the helmet is inverted.¬†
  • DESIGN INSPIRED IN THE MANDALORIAN SERIES: Fans and collectors can present scenes from Star Wars Galaxy with this premium RPG helmet inspired by the live Disney Plus series.¬†
  • LOOK FOR OTHER GALAXY RPG OBJECTS AWAY: Look for RPG elements from movies and entertainment to build a Star Wars galaxy (each sold separately. Subject to availability)

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