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The Oregon Trail Handheld Game


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Enjoy the adventure Рand dysentery Рheading west to start from scratch with the Oregon Trail handheld game. You will learn all about the harsh reality of 19th century pioneers as you walk the Oregon Trail with your family and livestock in tow.

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Product Details

Learn about the reality of 19th century pioneers on The Oregon Trail - one of the most successful PC games of all time! Choose your profession and your fellow travelers, then take the road from Independence, Missouri, to Willamette Valley in Oregon around 1848. Fill the covered wagon with supplies and prepare to cross rivers and mountain ranges along the way - hunting for food and negotiating supplies. how are you doing. Keep an eye on your group's travel pace, supplies and health to ensure that everyone arrives safely and to avoid the dreaded "You died of dysentery" message.


  • RETRO GAME - Authentic 80's graphics, sounds and gameplay as you remember!¬†
  • TRUE ORIGINAL - based on the cult computer game.¬†
  • SHARE - Perfect for fans or collectors who want to share this classic with a new generation!¬†
  • INCLUDES 3 AA batteries for immediate play!¬†Age: 8+.¬†
  • Includes: 3 AA batteries;¬†age: 8+.¬†Care & amp;¬†Cleaning: Apply stain or wipe.¬†

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