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The Scout Hunting Slingshot


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You don’t have to be an avid hunter to love Scout Hunting Slingshot.¬†This American slingshot features a durable polycarbonate construction that can withstand heavy use and an asymmetrical palm well to accommodate both large and small hands.

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Product Details

Inspired by Axiom's award-winning design, SimpleShot's Shooting Sports Scout Gen 2 slingshot offers precision, quality and affordability in a versatile package. Scout is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA and manufactured in North Carolina. The polycarbonate construction offers an extremely strong and durable structure that can withstand heavy loads. The rubber cushion provides warmth and repeatability in the sling for comfort and stability. Scout can be equipped with any available elastic band, from OTT to TTF, provides adaptability and the ability to attach to just one sling structure, experimenting with different elastics - from pulse rocket tubes to office chain elastics, Scout can use. everything and shoot well. The Scout comes with 0.030 '' single layer medical latex bracelets untied and a premium leather case, but you can shoot whatever you want with a few DIY adjustments. The slingshot is easily adapted to different shooting styles, be it a hammer handle or a fork. In addition, the unique asymmetrical palm facilitates shooting for young, muscular boys. For those with small hands, just turn the slingshot backwards and the palm of the hand is great for children. and ladies. The photo was taken with the manufacturer's mark facing the arrow and any popular grip style can be selected. With the addition of the FlipClip rope accessory, changing the straps or fine-tuning is a breeze. -5.75 "high -2-3 / 8" between forks -4 "total fork width -3/4" fork cross section -7/8 "fork tip width -5/16" diameter tube hole - weight - 4.6 oz Slingshot comes without straps installed.


  • 100% made of American polycarbonate.¬†
  • Includes innovative, easy-to-use flat latex bands and FlipClips.¬†
  • Includes a complete user manual.¬†
  • You can shoot with any rubber band.¬†
  • Suitable for any sniper size and shooting style.¬†

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