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The Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver


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With the semi-automatic screwdriver in your arsenal, you will never waste time looking for the right key again. It contains two 12-bit preloaded bit cartridges, making it easy to switch between them, depending on the job.

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Product Details

Deal with that honey list with a tool. The semi-automatic drive with a fast drill index is a reliable way to handle screwing tasks at home. The WX254L semi-automatic driver is unique, as its bits are never lost. The WX254L includes two quick refill cartridges, each containing 6 regular screws for easy access and easy replacement. Simply drill a starting hole to screw in a Phillips screw and screw in a flathead screw in seconds with a semi-automatic drill changer. It is as simple as taking a little, turning the cartridge and closing the chamber - you are armed, locked and ready to tighten a few screws. The WX254L WORX SD wrench is lightweight and easy to operate with one hand, making it easier to align a screw or hold the material in place with the other hand. When the trigger is pulled, the LED indicator automatically illuminates the task for better visibility in dark or difficult to reach places. The compact size allows the SD driver to fit in tight spaces where the awkward drill is too big for the task. This SD driver is ideal for keeping it handy in the kitchen trash bin or in a handy tool bag. It can be used to quickly tighten cabinet screws, door handles, lights, socket covers and other household tasks and projects. Having an SD driver available is also great for setting up furniture, hanging curtains, and installing blinds. It has reversible rotation for any loosening or disassembly task. The 4V lithium battery comes with a charger and can hold a charge for up to 18 months. These two cartridges come with 6 preloaded bits for 12 common sizes of the most common screw bits that are suitable for any home task, including the screw starter bit. The WX254L semi-automatic wrench includes cartridge 1, T10, T20, H3, H4, H5, screwdriver bit. Cartridge 2, P0, P1, P2, SL4, SQ1, SQ2.


  • Steel, plastic, rubber
  • Import.¬†
  • A sliding action changes the bit selection.¬†
  • 2 quick refill cartridges contain 6 bits each and change quickly
  • They remain fully charged and no bits are lost.¬†
  • A charger is included and can hold the charge for up to 18 months.¬†
  • Includes a screwdriver to make pilot holes
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