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The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart


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Keep your LEGO Springfielders happy with all your shopping needs with The Simpsons LEGO Kwik-E-Mart.¬†Springfield’s favorite convenience store has a removable roof and accompanies Chief Wiggum and his vehicle to keep Snake in line.

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Product Details

Visit your favorite convenience store, Kwik-E-Mart-Springfield! Thanks, return to Kwik-E-Mart with well-stocked shelves, removable roof, frozen Jasper, 6 minifigures, police car and more. Welcome to Kwik-E-Mart - your complete convenience store at uncomfortable prices! This iconic and highly detailed version of the LEGO Simpsons Store is filled with details brighter and more vibrant than Mr. Burns' birthday cake candles! Walk under the huge Kwik-E-Mart sign and join Homer, Marge and Bart as they wander the aisles full of beauty products, diapers, dog food, baked goods, fruits, vegetables and more, including soup Krusty-O and the chef. Lonely Heart Soup Chefs for one. Then, head to the refrigerators, where you'll find Buzz Cola, chocolate milk, various other drinks and snacks. and frozen Jasper! There is also a Buzz Cola fountain, juice dispensers, coffee maker, arcade, ATM and stacks of Power sauce boxes. At the counter, Apu is ready to seduce you with a variety of printed magazines, comics, flashcards, hot dogs with tofu, expired donuts and his ever-popular mind-blowing Squishes. There is a pantry at the back with a mouse and an outlet. On the roof, you'll discover Apu's secret garden, while outside, this incredible model features bright yellow walls, 2 phone booths, a pile of purple boxes and an El Barto graffiti trash area with an opening door and an iconic blue trash can that also opens. You can also remove the roof and open the rear panels for easy access. This fun toy also includes Snake (also known as Jailbird), who loves to steal cars and steal Kwik-E-Mart, but this time Chief Wiggum is after him in his police car. Take this bandit and bring peace back to Springfield and the incredible Kwik-E-Mart. This fantastic set of children's toys includes 6 minifigures with various accessories: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Apu Nahasapimapetilon, Chef Wiggum and Snake.


  • Rear opening panels, removable roof, Kwik-E-Mart plates, shelves, refrigerated display cases, counter, refrigerator, 2 arcades, ATM and more.¬†
  • Shelf beauty products, diapers, dog food, baked goods, fruits, vegetables and more, including soup for one by Krusty-O and Chef Lonely Heart.¬†
  • It also includes Chief Wiggum's police car with an open trunk, removable roof and space for 3 minifigures.¬†
  • Accessories include Bart's spray can, Marge's shopping basket, Apu's broom, handcuffs and Chief Wiggum's baton.¬†
  • The Kwik-E-Mart measures over 5 "(14 cm) in height, 14" (38 cm) in width and 10 "(27 cm) in depth; the police car measures over 2 "(6 cm) high, 2" (6 cm) wide and 5 "(15 cm) deep.¬†
  • This cool toy for children is suitable for ages 12 and up.¬†

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