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The Space Candle


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If you’ve ever wondered what outer space smells like, the cosmic candle was made for you!¬†It’s 16 ounces.¬†The unique scent of a candle made from 100% soy wax tries to reproduce the smell of space, based on the first-hand testimony of astronauts who were there.

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Product Details

Unfortunately, we will never be in space. For us, the last frontier is likely to remain unknown. But that does not mean that he has not fascinated us indefinitely. We studied books and watched countless documentaries about what exists outside the Karman line and left fascinated by many things. One of those things that astronauts often mention when they return to Earth: the smell. Yes, space has a smell. When an astronaut returns from a space walk and takes off his helmet, a distinct smell hits him. We read many descriptions and decided, since we cannot go to space, we are going to bring us some space. This candle was designed to smell like space. We took the descriptions of these astronauts from various publications and created a candle out of them using 100% soy wax. This is the seat of the bank. No space suit is required.

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