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The Stress Relieving Weighted Blanket


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If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to sleep alone, this cozy weight blanket is made for you!¬†This 100% organic filling blanket weighs 11 pounds, so it looks like you’re constantly nestled in this cozy blanket for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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  • 100% cotton
  • Meet Luna - an innovative and thoughtful design Luna combines 7 layers in an aerodynamic design that distributes weight evenly throughout your body.¬†
  • Super Soft - Coated with super soft cotton fabric and filled with cloudy fabric, Luna was meticulously designed for breathability and temperature control.¬†
  • Ease of maintenance.¬†The best way to care for your heavy comforter is to wash it in cold water.¬†gentle style or hand wash.¬†Hang only to dry, but if this is not possible, dry over low heat.¬†
  • Made for everyone - only large size for 2 people.¬†Choose a blanket about 10% of your weight.¬†
  • Sleep well - hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex & amp;¬†Glass beads so you can sleep soundly.¬†Let's make the world a happier and more peaceful world together.¬†

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