The Survival Bandana


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While the knife is indispensable in the jungle, this survival bandana shines where other tools simply cannot. Printed with important survival information, this triangular polyester headband with soft brush can be used for tasks such as providing shelter, signaling aid and wrist banding.

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Product Details

Bandana / triangular tie. Bright orange 100% polyester construction with survival information printed in black, including: navigation, fire start, shelter, water collection and treatment, alarm, useful node section and priority consideration section. It can be used for a variety of first aid applications, including: signage; as a tire / harness; foot or knee bandages; Funda; protection of the face, neck or head; Respirator; or to collect water - sweat, dew or distillation. Dimensions 39 x 39 x 52 inches. It also includes two 2 '' safety pins.


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  • Hand wash.¬†
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials.¬†
  • Designed for high performance and durability.¬†
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