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The Ultimate Fire Lighter


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Light your grill faster than a human torch when using the best lighter. The lighter is capable of lighting a flame at 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit when the trigger is pulled, does not require the aid of lighter fluid and has a built-in fan to help speed up the heating process.

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Product Details

The BISON Airlighter 520 is a cordless lighter that ignites any charcoal, wood or wood pellet at 60 C. It uses patented torch and blower technology to light wood or coal quickly and distribute heat to the rest. fire extinguishing with built-in fan. It is powered by USB rechargeable battery and butane fuel. For best results, we recommend the use of Bison's Airlighter fuel that meets the chef's requirements, which means that it burns very cleanly and can be used directly in foods to toast meat, caramelized sugar, etc. just aim the flames on the coals at a distance of about 3 inches. After you have about 2 inches of heat (10-20 C), switch to pressurization mode. Then the blower will spread the fire quickly. Lighting fireplaces or wood-burning stoves: we suggest heating the flu first by directing the flame to the chimney for 20 S to start drawing in the air. Then, just point the flame directly at the tree until it lights up. Switch to blower mode to light the fire quickly. Increase Your Fire: If you are roasting or lighting a wood fire, you can increase the flame and increase the heat simply by using a blower. There is no need for a lighter or starters: the plane is strong enough to light your fire quickly without any chemical aid. Your food will taste better and is a much safer alternative to lighter fluid.


  • Wireless lighter.¬†A jet flame and a fan that spreads the fire can ignite a fire anywhere.¬†
  • Rechargeable electronics via standard USB port.¬†Provides 30 minutes of air increase.¬†
  • The refillable butane tank provides 15 minutes of combustion time.¬†
  • The air-cooled cylinder remains cool to the touch.¬†
  • Double LED flashlight, adjustable strap, suspension hook, fuses and bottle opener.¬†

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