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The Ultimate Master Can Opener


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Eliminate clutter by replacing a handful of kitchen utensils with the best can opener. This ultra-practical tool will not only open your drink, but it will also work as a can opener and even open the lids, being indispensable in the kitchen or bar of your home.

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Product Details

A genuine versatile, Swiss-designed 5 in 1 automotive safety opener from Kuhn Rikon also saves space - open everything in the kitchen with one device, not multiple devices. Known for its versatility, it includes a different opening mechanism for standard cans / pull ring cans, bottles with lids (beer), bottles with screw caps (PET) and cans. Suitable for everyone, including those with limited hand / wrist strength / mobility, the opener has a number of ingenious features that make it perfect for handling cans / cans.


  • Five separate opening functions in one device: opening standard cans and cans with pull rings, bottles with lids (beer), bottles with screw lids (PET) and cans with ease.¬†
  • Attaches automatically with locking technology that grabs the lid (no need for attachment) and a long handle for extra grip / strength.¬†
  • Safe design (opens cans / cans without cutting metal that does not leave sharp edges on the rim or lid) and to avoid cross contamination / maximum hygiene (opener does not come into contact with the contents of the can, can).¬†
  • The covers are removed with mini pliers / pliers after opening (no need to handle) - watch the video to see how the automatic safety master opener works.¬†
  • Easy to clean (clean with a damp cloth; do not wash in the dishwasher).¬†Dimensions: 9 (L) x 2.75 (W) x 2.75 (H) inches

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