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The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle


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In your spare time, take yourself to the edge of madness by solving the biggest puzzle in the world. Featuring 27 wonders from around the world, this huge puzzle measures 28.5 “x 6.25” with 51,300 pieces!

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Product Details

You will never believe it until you see it !!! Kodak Premium Puzzles presents: THE WORLD'S GREATEST PUZZLE !!! This puzzle is the most amazing puzzle game you have ever seen !! The puzzle is made of a high quality board and is connected piece by piece. Colors and images are the clearest and most realistic images ever created in a puzzle! AND YES, it actually consists of 51,300 pieces and measures 28.5 by 6.25 feet. This is a must-have item for the puzzle lover in your life. Puzzles of 2,000 pieces will not give us anything !! What a great way to gather a family and solve this incredible puzzle that is bigger than life! Each image is in a separate package. There are 27 bags in total. Each puzzle contains 1900 pieces. They then work together to solve this mystery that is bigger than life. So do a little work or do it all at once.


  • Single-format parts
  • 51 300 units. 
  • 27 wonders of the world
  • 28.5 feet by 6.25 feet

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