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Therapeutic Weighted Blanket


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Take advantage of the power of deep touch stimulation and simulate cuddling with this therapeutic weight blanket. The blanket is designed to stimulate pressure points on your body that are associated with better sleep and relaxation.

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  • Problems sleeping?¬†Gravity is a premium weight blanket that uses a light body weight to improve sleep quality.¬†The latest generation of the original Gravity comforter features internal improvements, maintaining the unique look of the comforter.¬†
  • WEIGHT: available in 15, 20 and 25 pounds;¬†We recommend choosing one that represents about 10% of your weight.¬†Don't just choose the most difficult option, as "heavier" does not mean "more efficient"!¬†You want one that is as close as possible to 10% of your weight.¬†
  • DIMENSIONS: Gravity is 72 "x 48", providing grounding capacity for ONE USER at a time.¬†We designed it with the size of the blanket so that the weight is evenly distributed by the user, and also because each user needs a weight that corresponds to their weight.¬†
  • CONSTRUCTION: The outer duvet cover is made of super soft microfiber.¬†- there.¬†The internal weight duvet is made of cotton and thin glass beads and is kept inside the duvet cover by our new and improved zipper system.¬†Mesh stitching on the weighted inner side ensures even distribution of the glass beads during use.¬†
  • CARE: the duvet cover is machine washable;¬†the inner blanket can only be washed by hand.¬†

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