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Tipsy Tower Drinking Game


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Put your motor skills to the test the next time you get drunk with friends by playing this drinking game from the Drinking Tower.¬†Each block contains 1 of the 36 rules, such as “time to rhyme” and “give it a try”, which players must follow when stacking their blocks.

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Product Details

Basics: - The rules are so simple that anyone can play! Try to remove the block from the tower without knocking it over, then play or follow the rule at the bottom of the block. If you take down a tower while trying to remove it, you will lose! - Everything in the box, including a plastic box for easy customization so you can play again and again! - 54 blocks, over 35 party games and different rules (1 for each block) - Classic elements included: story time, moose, rules creation. Combined with some new rules: God is most likely nicknames. Do you not drink? Smoothly! Like a standard sized board game, it works the same way!


  • BLOCK PARTY GAME: Tipsy Tower is the perfect party game.¬†With 35 games in one, this tower will entertain the whole party!¬†Perfect for college parties, pre-games, happy hours, hen parties, bachelor parties, bars, game nights.¬†Even for regular board game nights - NO DRINKING NEEDED!¬†
  • 54 BLOCKS OF MORE THAN 35 RULES & amp;¬†GAMES: One of over 35 exclusive games and rules is printed on each of the 54 blocks (one in each) for a different experience each time.¬†Included are some of the best classics: Stories of Time, Moose, Rule Setting, combined with some new ones: God, most likely nicknames, Truth or Dare.¬†Make each game unique!¬†
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED + FREE PLASTIC SLEEVE: High quality box with printed instructions for easy transport.¬†Don't waste your instruction book!¬†An extra plastic box is included for easy customization, so you can play over and over again!¬†
  • JOINT & amp;¬†HIGH QUALITY BLACK FINISH: Tired of the boring old man?¬†We help you!¬†Each block is the perfect size - 1 x 3 inches made of quality wood with an aesthetic black finish to give it a unique look!¬†
  • WHAT EVERYONE CAN ENJOY: Variety plus the fun of a simple game.¬†perfect for anyone and any occasion!¬†Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Single, Single, Secret Santa, White Elephant, Wedding, Graduation, Stocking, just gratitude for being a gift to my friend?¬†We will take care of you and we are sure they will love it!¬†Great even for regular board game nights, no need to drink!¬†

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