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Titanium Quartz


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Get a first-hand view of one of the most beautiful mineral specimens that planet Earth has to offer by buying a little titanium quartz. It is infused with rare minerals and enchants your eyes with a charming combination of purple, green, blue, yellow and pink.

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Product Details

This is a beautiful specimen of rare authentic rock from Arkansas quartz crystal impregnated with titanium (processed); Dimensions 1 1/4 inches; aurora borealis, pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, water, pink, etc .; The colors are great; Aurora crystal, quartz, titanium, gem, gem, aura, tetrahedrite; wild and crazy, brilliant, cool colors, a unique Arkansas mineral Outside, these Arkansas quartz crystals are electrostatically treated with rare minerals, such as titanium; the samples are placed in a charged vacuum using strong heat to melt the metals into crystals; they are then inverted, loaded again and all areas are processed. Arkansas quartz comes from the Washita Mountains. Arkansas samples of the highest quality are found as crystallized aggregates formed by hydrothermal process in cavities in sandstone formations.


  • Arkansas quartz with rare minerals added, processed in the USA.¬†
  • Suitable for office, collectible items, gifts, study.¬†
  • Purple green purple aqua blue yellow pink blue
  • Size approximately 1 1/4 "wide and 1" high;¬†very small pointed clusters, many natural luminous edges.¬†
  • The product delivered may vary slightly;¬†includes a description card

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