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Toilet Illuminating Strips


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Never lose your mark in the middle of the night with these toilet seat glow tapes.¬†These smart strips glow in the dark, so your night trips to the bathroom don’t end up in an unpleasant mess of bad aim and poor vision.¬†Please, men.

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Product Details

One of the first MANDATORY products of the 21st century!¬†JONNY GLOWTM was featured on the radio, in the NY Times and on dozens of websites and was considered a fun but incredibly useful item that no home should be without.¬†JONNY GLOWTM was designed exclusively to ‚Äúhelp you see where you're going‚ÄĚ in the middle of the night.¬†Once applied in the bathroom, JONNY GLOWTM Glow-in-the-Dark strips help you use your amenities perfectly, without jumping or creating unwanted clutter.¬†After fifteen minutes of charging with normal bathroom lighting, this durable, industrial-strength material will shine for TEN HOURS.¬†JONNY GLOWTM is quick and easy to apply in all types of bathrooms and is durable.¬†Order this incredibly useful product now.¬†These will be the best seven dollars you have ever spent!

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