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Toilet Paper Jigsaw Puzzle


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Relive the early days of the quarantine, when we all become guardians of toilet paper, repeatedly, spending downtime solving this unnecessarily boring 1000-piece puzzle with close friends and family.

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Product Details

This series of puzzles from Funwares is perfect fun when social distance is necessary. After looking at everything you can and need to train your mind, what better way than putting together a good old puzzle to stay safe and busy at home? These 1000-piece puzzles measure 27 "x 19" and are products that we are all familiar with.


  • PLEASURE WITH TP: Who never thought that toilet paper products could be so fun?¬†Do something while your bathroom is filled with this fun 1000-piece puzzle.¬†
  • POST JOY, NOT GERMANY, PRESENT FOR TIME: Ideal for sending many miles away to leave friends and family;¬†family knows what you think of them, sends a puzzle to show that you care and to cheer you up.¬†
  • 1000 PUZZLE PIECES: This challenging puzzle will be fun and provocative at the right time to celebrate 2020. Great for puzzle and souvenir collectors.¬†
  • MORE TO CREATE A PUZZLE: Artistic puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy time at home.¬†Cheer up, improve cognition and short-term memory by completing the puzzle.¬†
  • INTERNAL ENTERTAINMENT: The challenge in this puzzle offers hours of entertainment for you or the whole family.¬†It's addictive, fun and trains your mind!¬†Measurements completed: approx.¬†27 x 19 inches.¬†

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