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Toilet Targets


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Pee the faces of your friends, family and loved ones with the toilet seat protector. The targets are easy to install and are designed to place the image of your choice in a waterproof bubble so you can aim and empty the entire reservoir.

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Product Details

PPShots Adhesive Photo Protector is a transparent bathroom sticker designed to protect photos inside the bathroom for weeks. Any photograph can become the subject of your anger. It's great for funny gifts, wedding favors, birthday gifts, hen and hen parties, revenge, sports teams, shooting training or even to make fun of your visitors. Revenge is served cold, in this case cold and damp! So go ahead and express your feelings!


  • A clear plastic sticker designed to protect any photo of your choice. 
  • Made of waterproof materials, it lasts for weeks. 
  • Easy installation and removal. 
  • Great for training the potty or laughing. 
  • Each package contains two (2) adhesive protections for photos. 
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