Tri-Edged Spearhead


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The triple advantage of survival can mean the difference between life and death when in the wild. This useful survival tool and essential bagout pouch is made of stainless steel, is 23 inches long and has a paracord handle.

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Product Details

The Black Rhonin Triangular Spear is a useful survival tool that you will find on many occasions when conquering wildlife, or as a valuable addition to your insect repellent bag! This triple open tip design features a robust stainless steel construction coated with black oxide with a penetration tip. The end of the strap is wrapped with a lot of black nylon thread so that it can be securely tied to any post or sturdy post. The common 9-inch spear is encased in a durable nylon belt shell that fits comfortably at your side and is ready for use.


  • Open design, triangular spearhead.¬†
  • Robust stainless steel construction.¬†
  • Features a black oxide coating and a penetrating tip.¬†
  • The end of the handle is wrapped with a large amount of black nylon cord.¬†
  • Includes a strong nylon belt jacket.¬†