True Reflection Mirror


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Strange as it may seem, we can never see our real reflection if we don’t have a real mirror of reflection.¬†The only thing in the word, the mirror shows things as they really are, without changing the left and right sides.

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Product Details

This incredible and unique true mirror is the only mirror in the world that reflects you without turning the left and right sides. Discover your true nature in the reflection of your true image and see how the mirror turned back has changed the way you see yourself. Hear the story of True Mirror on RadioLab NPR (The Mirror Mirror Show), an incredible exploration of mirrors, locks of hair and symmetry.


  • Discover your true reflection in the incredibly accurate True Mirror - without turning left / right the first time.¬†
  • Created by the perfect and continuous alignment of two optical mirrors, the reflection is unlike any other mirror in the world
  • No left / right rotation - shows how you really are, not just physically, but also personally.¬†
  • The parts and the style of the hair are shown correctly, even the makeup is best applied because the image is three-dimensional and true.¬†
  • See yourself in a real mirror with its real brilliance and beauty - reflecting your natural self;¬†Stop believing what you see in your everyday mirror, which is often flat and lifeless, and often self-critical.¬†