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Twisting Silicone Lid Travel Mug


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Give your hydration form a fun twist by pouring your favorite drink into this travel mug with a swiveling silicone cap. As you rotate the top of the mug, the unique silicone lid begins to open or close slowly, allowing you to lock it in place at varying intervals.

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Product Details

TWIZZ VALE: Neolid's only Twizz is a unique and innovative mug designed in France. It can hold up to 12 ounces and keeps drinks hot for 2 hours and cold for 6 hours. The novelty is a silicone membrane that you twist to open and close the mug. If you are tired of looking for a cover, Twizz by Neolid is your best bet.


  • DESIGN WITHOUT TWIST TOP COVER.¬†Thanks to the use of a silicone membrane and revolutionary design, this new mug has no lid.¬†Instead, simply wrap the silicone membrane around the top of the mug and observe the shape of the seal.¬†
  • KEEP HOT OR COLD - Each mug holds up to 12 ounces and has a double wall!¬†Keeps drinks hot for 2 hours and keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours.¬†
  • LEAK & amp;¬†REALLY HOLD THE STRAW - The silicone membrane adjusts, leaving enough space for a straw to pass through the top.¬†Simply insert a straw into the hole and rotate the membrane until the straw clicks into place.¬†Thanks to the new seal, the liquid does not come out of the mug.¬†
  • EASY TO USE - The mug is really easy to use, just rotate the top diaphragm and watch the seal form quickly at the top.¬†mugs.¬†
  • SAFETY IN MICROWAVE AND FREEZERS - This mug can be heated in the microwave or used in the freezer if you are trying to cool your drink.¬†

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