Two Person Canopy Barrel Sauna


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Transform your backyard into a world-class spa by installing this 4-column barrel sauna in your backyard. The Canadian Red Cedar sauna design offers maximum space for sitting and details, such as a small balcony, for you to relax on your way out.

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Product Details

The Canopy Barrel sauna is identical to our standard barrel saunas, with the only difference that the front wall is pushed back to form an external balcony.¬†The balcony is an attractive highlight that also offers a cooling area and storage space for towels and drinks.¬†The pleasant cylinder shape is elegant and functional, maximizing usable space and minimizing extra cubic feet.¬†The less cubic meters of air, the faster the environment will heat up.¬†In addition, our canopy sauna increases the space for seating using opposite benches that span the entire length of the room.¬†In addition, as an outdoor sauna, the Canopy Barrel Sauna is perfect for your backyard or garden.¬†The Canopy Barrel 4 + 1 is our smallest model and can accommodate 2 people comfortably.¬†The total external length of the sauna is 60 inches, which allows the sauna to be placed in a smaller area than our other models.¬†The appliance is heated by an exclusive 4.5 kW sauna heater.¬†The heater requires 220 V / 30 A, and sauna lighting requires 110 V / 15 A service. The ‚ÄúAlmost heaven in a barrel‚ÄĚ sauna is a set of barrels that come to you partially assembled at the factory.¬†√ā Assembly can be done in just a few hours and is very easy to do.¬†√ā The device is installed on polymer supports.¬†which are immune to destruction by elements, allowing you to place the barrel sauna directly on the ground if you wish.¬†The supports also have mounting holes, allowing you to attach the sauna to a terrace or patio if you prefer a secure installation.¬†You will appreciate the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials whenever you enjoy the sauna.¬†Your sauna is backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty, and Nearly Heaven saunas have a reputation for nearly 40 years of exceptional quality.¬†cooper style saunas.¬†In addition, we are a West Virginia company that ensures that your sauna is built in America!


  • This item will be delivered on the sidewalk.¬†In order for the item to be delivered to the selected location on your property, a contract with a third party supplier must be made prior to delivery.¬†
  • Western Canadian red cedar construction throughout.¬†
  • Heater, tapes, hinges, accessories and stainless steel details.¬†
  • Synthetic substrates create a moisture barrier between the wood and the soil.¬†
  • Factory pre-assembled ends, benches and pre-cut rivets for easy assembly
  • Finnish stainless steel heater 4.5 kW with 8-hour timer.¬†