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Ultimate Hangover Cure


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Sit down and drink as if tomorrow doesn’t come, because the best hangover remedy is beside you.¬†Although home remedies taste like dung and have no effect, this solution contains 3 times more electrolytes than sports drinks, so you can recover faster.

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Product Details

DripDrop ORS, developed by a trained doctor at the Mayo Clinic, is a new medical-grade hydration solution that is redefining how people can effectively treat and prevent dehydration. Dehydration is a common condition that requires an effective and convenient solution. Proven worldwide in the most challenging environments, DripDrop has gained early adoption by a wide range of users, including leading hospitals and doctors, elite athletes, U.S. Special Forces, aid workers, pharmacists and patients with chronic diseases. DripDrop is a palatable rehydration solution that, when mixed with water, provides 2 to 3 times more electrolytes than sports drinks and 25% more than children's alternatives. The patented solution offers better fluid retention than other alternatives, which means that you can drink less fluids and stay more hydrated. DripDrop is based on oral rehydration therapy (ORT), which is clinically recognized as the ideal treatment for dehydration. DripDrop is the proven science behind ORT, with a revolutionary flavor of sports drink. DripDrop is patented in the USA, Japan and South Africa. It is defined and fully compliant with FDA regulations governing "medical foods" with an ingredient profile classified as Generally Recognized Safe (GRAS) according to FDA guidelines. At DripDrop, we are working to improve the world's hydration. DripDrop works with leaders in many sectors to reduce the impact of dehydration on health, productivity and safety.

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