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Ultra Portable Laptop Stand


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Avoid computer injuries, such as carpal tunnel, with an ultra-portable laptop stand. Despite its small size and simplistic design, it is designed to work with models of different sizes and allows you to position the laptop at the ideal angle for comfortable work.

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Product Details

Roost is an ultra-portable, ultralight laptop holder that turns your laptop into an ergonomic workstation. Assembled by hand in the USA. Made of carbon fiber and high-performance Delrin plastic, the Roost is incredibly durable despite its small size. The Roost is so light and portable that you really want to take it with you wherever you go. Roost elevates your laptop screen more than 10 inches from your desk to an ergonomic height. Use Roost with a portable Bluetooth keyboard and external mouse and you can now create an ergonomic workstation wherever you are. Also use Roost with your upright table or medicine ball to raise the laptop screen to eye level. Roost works with all Apple Macintosh Macbooks (Notebooks), except the 11-inch MacBook Air. Using Roost with your laptop will go a long way in preventing problems related to your computer and performance. injuries such as repetitive strain injury (sprains) (RSI), carpal and cubital tunnels, tendonitis of the forearms and wrists, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines.


  • Lightweight: 181 g (6.4 oz) (same as the small green apple)
  • Size (rolled): 1 "x 1.5" x 13 inches (equal to a small stack of rulers)
  • Size (extended): 11.5 "x 8" x 11 "
  • Materials: Carbon fiber (ultralight and durable), Delrin (difficult choice)
  • Weight capacity: 132+ pounds (very difficult conditions)

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